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Version: 0.4

Connecting to Data Sources

For Tecton to successfully read your data, Tecton requires the proper permissions and configuration. Permissions and configuration can vary per data source.

Supported Data Sources

Tecton supports the following data batch data sources:

  • CSV, Parquet, and JSON Data Sources on S3
  • Hive Tables via AWS Glue Data Catalog
  • AWS Redshift Tables
  • Snowflake Tables

Tecton supports the following stream data sources:

  • AWS Kinesis Streams
  • Kafka Topics

The following sections will guide you on connecting each type of data source:

The Tecton team continually adds support for new data sources. If you need to use a data source that isn't listed above, reach out to support.

Once Tecton has the permissions needed to access the data sources, it must be registered in Tecton as a Data Source in your feature repository. See the documentation on Data Sources.

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