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What is Tecton?

Tecton is a fully-managed feature platform for operational AI and decisioning applications. It's designed to automate the complete lifecycle of machine learning features. Tecton enables teams to build, automate, and centralize data pipelines for production machine learning applications with remarkable speed, ease, and enterprise-grade reliability.

Tecton offers the following key benefits:

  1. Easy Batch, Streaming, and Real-Time Feature Engineering: Easily build, test, and deploy feature pipelines across batch, streaming, and real-time data pipelines with minimal code and automated orchestration.
  2. High-Performance Serving: Serve your precomputed or real-time updated features efficiently and reliably with Tecton's robust APIs, designed for operational use at scale.
  3. Online/Offline Consistency: Access consistent data across the training and inference stages with our integrated Offline and Online Feature Stores, minimizing the risk of any data skew.
  4. Built-in Time-Correctness: Ensure reliable, point-in-time accuracy in backfills and training data generation with Tecton's time-aware feature data model.
  5. Feature Management and Governance: Discover, utilize, and manage existing features with ease, while maintaining robust data governance. Get insights into data pipelines, serving latencies, processing costs, data quality, lineage, and versioning.
  6. Robust Monitoring and Alerting: Stay informed on the health of your data pipelines and feature services. Alerts for both system-related and data-quality-related issues keep you ahead of potential problems in production.

Tecton also allows modular integration into your existing data stack, making it easy to use features defined anywhere in your organization into Tecton.

To start creating and managing features, you can use SQL, PySpark, SnowPark, or Python within Tecton.

For a more detailed understanding of Tecton, check out the Tecton Concepts and Machine Learning Application Concepts. Or, continue scrolling for an interactive tour of the product.


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