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Version: 0.4

Creating a Workspace and Adding Users to the Workspace


Refer to Tecton Workspaces for an introduction to workspaces.

Creating a workspace

Step 1: Install the Tecton CLI

If you have not already done so, install the Tecton CLI on your local machine.

Step 2: Log in to your Tecton instance

Use tecton login to authenticate to your instance.

Step 3: Use tecton workspace to create a workspace

To create a development workspace named my_workspace:

$ tecton workspace create my_workspace

To create a live workspace named my_workspace, use the --live flag:

$ tecton workspace create my_workspace --live


Created workspace "my_workspace".
Switched to workspace "my_workspace".
You're now on a new, empty workspace. Workspaces isolate their state,
so if you run "tecton plan" Tecton will not see any existing state
for this configuration.

Applying features to a live workspace may incur additional costs as features are backfilled. Proceed with caution when applying changes to a live workspace.

Every Tecton cluster includes one live workspace, prod, that is used by default, unless another workspace is selected.

Adding users to a workspace

After a workspace is created, users can be added to the workspace using the Tecton Web UI. Users cannot be added using the Tecton CLI.

Selecting an existing workspace

After a workspace is created, the workspace will automatically be selected as the current workspace.

However, suppose your current workspace is my_workspace, and you want to select another workspace, my_workspace_2, as the current workspace. Use the tecton workspace select <workspace> command:

$ tecton workspace select my_workspace_2

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